Remote Availability


For remote public access to hearings, the following rules and procedures apply:

  • YOU MAY NOT RECORD ANY REMOTE HEARING WITHOUT EXPRESS PRIOR PERMISSION. Requests must be made as set forth in Rule 1.150 of the California Rules of Court and within the timeframes provided in that rule.
  • Criminal: The Criminal Department conducts hearings both via Zoom and in the courtroom.
    • For Zoom hearings, an audio link will be available, accessible on this page by clicking on the appropriate department.
    • For in-courtroom hearings, audio streaming will only be activated if, in the discretion and evaluation of the judge, the requested space for public attendees will exceed the maximum spaces available in the courtroom given social distancing guidelines.
  • Family Department: The Family Department will conduct hearings via Zoom, with members of the public admitted through the Zoom waiting room. Please select the appropriate department below for the link and login credentials.
  • Civil Department: The Civil Department is conducting hearings via CourtCall or Zoom. Visit for information about accessing a muted public access line for matters on CourtCall.
    • Traffic, Small Claims, Civil Harassment and Unlawful Detainer: These cases are heard via Zoom. Please select the appropriate department below. For harassment cases in Richmond and Pittsburg, please contact the Clerk’s office at the assigned courthouse to find out which department/judge will hear your case.
  • Branch Courts: As with criminal in-courtroom hearings, branch courtrooms will only activate audio streaming if, in the discretion and evaluation of the judge, the requested space for public attendees will exceed the maximum spaces available in the courtroom given social distancing guidelines.
  • In the rare instance where a courtroom is not holding a Zoom hearing and also lacks the capability for streaming audio, limited space will be left open as dedicated for the public.

Court Teleconference Information

CourtCall Phone Number: 888-882-6878
* See attached pamphlet for more information on registering for a CourtCall Telephonic Appearance: How to use CourtCall

Zoom Meeting Phone Number: 669-900-6833
* In order to connect via Telephone, you will need the Meeting ID and Password for the Court Session you want to connect to.

DISCLAIMER: All Virtual Court sessions are faciliated by Zoom, a video conferencing company. Clicking on the link to join the Virtual Court session will direct you away from the Court's website to a third-party website, hosted by Zoom. The Court is not responsible for any information or representations of this website, and its use is not at the liability of the Court. Please contact Zoom or its representatives for any issues or questions you may have regarding using the Zoom website.

Department Audio Rooms

NOTE: If you are having trouble listening to the audio stream:

  • Audio streams will show as “unavailable” until the Court is in session and the audio stream is activated. Please have the audio player up, and the live feed will engage once the Court is on the record.
  • The Audio Player may not work with some versions of Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge. If you are unable to play the audio in either of these browsers, please try another browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.

Calendars by Department

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