In general, each Request for Proposal or Request for Quote includes:

  • a request/invitation to respond to the solicitation
  • a description of the needed product and/or service
  • key event dates (pre-proposal conference, closing date, etc.)
  • question submittal and proposal deadlines, and
  • contractual terms and conditions

Please be sure to check this website periodically for revised information affecting listed RFPs/IFBs and new bid opportunities, notice(s) of intent to award, and recent RFP/IFB awards.

Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise Program

You can find more information on our Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (DVBE) program

Bid Notifications on BidSync

The Financial Services Department of the Court is pleased to announce a partnership with "BidSync", an electronic bidding notification and procurement system. Since September 2014, the Court has started issuing competitive solicitations for goods and services using the BidSync Electronic Bidding System. Vendors will be able to view bids and submit their offers and proposals electronically using the system.

There is no charge to vendors to use the BidSync Electronic Bidding System but vendors will need to register here or at Bidsync's website or contact the BidSync support team at 1-800-990-9339. Should you have any questions or require additional information on a competitive solicitation, please contact the Financial Services Department at 925 608-2556.
Vendors may obtain information of our current bids on our BidSync Search page.

DISCLAIMER: The use of the BidSync System for Superior Court of California, County of Contra Costa solicitation does not require your firm to participate in any of the BidSync Subscription services or options. The Court does not endorse Bid Sync Subscription services besides the FREE service provided for Court business. If you receive undesired marketing emails or notifications from BidSync, you can unsubscribe by scrolling to the bottom of the email message and clicking on the "Unsubscribe" link.