Would YOU Make a Good Grand Juror?

Do you feel the need to increase the efficiency of County and Local Government, reduce costs and improve services?

  • Are you willing to devote your time and energy to that goal?
  • Are you willing to take a position on an issue even though there will be those who disagree with you?

How are your Listening and Analytical Skills?

  • Are you a good communicator?
  • Are you a good listener?
  • Have you a good memory for detail?
  • Can you separate the "Wheat from the Chaff"?

Can you ask penetrating questions, examine documents and help prepare clear, concise reports?

  • Are you good at separating facts from rumor, emotional responses and personality or ideological differences?
  • Can you express yourself well in writing?

Are you willing to cooperate with 18 others in reaching a consensus?

  • Do you value diversity of views?
  • Can you evaluate differing ideas?
  • Can you take direction from others?
  • Are you willing to assume leadership responsibility?

Can you maintain confidentiality outside the Grand Jury?

  • The Grand Jury operates in secret
  • Your work must be confidential from everyone other than fellow Grand Jurors
  • Grand Jurors are sworn "Officers of the Court"
  • There are penalties for violating the "secrecy" of the Grand Jury

Are you willing to commit to a full year of productive work?

  • The Grand Jury term runs from July 1 to June 30
  • Can you make a substantial contribution?
    • at least three half-days a week in meetings
    • 20 hours a week or more in reading and research
  • It is necessary that absences be minimized and, if possible, planned
  • Can you sustain enthusiasm under prolonged demands?

Are you willing to receive your "rewards" through personal satisfaction?

  • There is little, if any, public recognition for individual contribution
    • Your reports may be unpopular and subject to criticism by the "subjects"
      and the media
  • Financial compensation is small
    • you will receive a stipend for meeting attendance and
      compensation for mileage
    • parking is provided

About the Grand Jury

Apply to become a Grand Juror

For further information, contact:

Secretary of the Superior Court
Re: Grand Jury
725 Court Street, 4th Floor
Martinez, California 94553
(925) 957-5638

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