Traffic Forms

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Find the Traffic forms you need:

Forms for Trial by Written  Declaration:

If you want to contest a traffic citation for an infraction

  • Request for Trial by Written Declaration (Form TR-205)
  • Decision and Notice of Decision (Form TR-215)
  • Request for New Trial by Written Declaration (Form TR-220)
  • Order and Notice to Defendant of New Trial (Form TR-225)

Forms to Appeal a Traffic Case (Infraction):

If you want to appeal a decision in a traffic case (infraction)

  • Information on Appeal Procedures for Infractions (Form CR-141-INFO)
  • Notice of Appeal and Record of Oral Proceedings (Infraction) (Form CR-142)
  • Proposed Statement on Appeal (Infraction) (Form CR-143)

Additional Forms:

  • Declaration (Form MC-030)
  • Defendant's Request and Declaration to Vacate
    Local Court Form (TR-121)
  • Defendant's Request to Vacate Instructions
    Local Court Form (TR-122)
  • Written Plea Form and Request for Monthly Payments
    Local Court Form (TR-123)