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Effective November 12, 2014, the Contra Costa Superior Court will expand access to interpreter services. Interpreter services are available in the case types listed below. To ask for an interpreter for your case, fill out the MC-300e&s Interpreter Request form.

  • Criminal
  • Traffic
  • Civil Harassment
  • Conservatorship
  • Proceedings to Terminate Parental Rights
  • Dependent Adult Abuse
  • Juvenile
  • Family Law
  • Unlawful Detainer
  • Guardianship
  • Elder Abuse

These interpreters do not help parties fill out or file their court forms.

Whenever possible, the court provides a state certified and state registered interpreter to help non-English speaking parties in their court proceeding. Because there is a shortage of certified/registered interpreters statewide, the court may sometimes provide a provisionally qualified interpreter (non-certified, non-registered).

If you are interested in becoming an interpreter please call the
interpreter coordinators at (925) 957-5777


How can I get an interpreter assigned for my court case?

If you are involved in one of the case types listed above, you may ask the clerk at the counter or in the courtroom for an interpreter. If you need an interpreter in any language other than Spanish, please notify the court as soon as possible. If an interpreter is not available at the time of your hearing, your case may be continued until an interpreter can be assigned.

If you wait until your court date, you may have to wait until an interpreter can be contacted, or your matter may be continued to a future date.

What if I need an interpreter, but the court does not provide one?

The court will not provide you with an interpreter except in the case types listed above. If you need an interpreter to help you understand what is said during one of these court proceedings, you must bring a certified, registered or provisionally qualified interpreter to interpret for you. You may not bring anyone under the age of 18 to interpret for you.  Find a list of qualified interpreters.

For more information regarding interpreters please call the interpreter coordinator at 925-646-4099.

What if I need an interpreter that speaks sign language?

The court will provide you with a sign language interpreter for any court hearing you may have. The court will also provide you with a sign language interpreter if you are called for jury duty. Please tell a clerk at the counter or in the courtroom as soon as possible if you will need a sign language interpreter. For more information on this and other Access and Accommodation needs please visit the American with Disabilities (ADA) page on this site.


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