Facts about the Contra Costa County Superior Court

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As the third branch of government, the court system provides for the orderly settlement of disputes between parties in controversy, determines the guilt or innocence of those accused of violating laws, and protects the rights of individuals. It is made up of people whose goal is to serve the public, and to provide access to justice.

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  1. Alternative Dispute Resolution
  2. Americans with Disabilities
  3. Courts and Their Cases
  4. Case Type Definitions
  5. Court Contact Information
  6. Court Locations and Services
  7. Interpreters
  8. Jury Duty
  9. Jurisdiction
  10. May I Help You? (JC Form MC-800)
  11. Restraining Orders (including DVRO)
  12. Self-Help Workshops and Clinics
  13. Traffic
  14. Trial Court Personnel
  15. Virtual Self Help Law Center – Centro Virtual de Ayuda Legal
  16. Volunteer Programs
  17. Web Resources for Schools and Teachers
  18. Federal Court vs. California Court



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