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Where To Pay

Traffic School

You may be eligible to attended traffic school. Click the link below for more information:


The court will send a reminder notice to the address listed on the citation, along with:

  • Your due date and time
  • How much you owe
  • Whether you can go to traffic school
  • Any proof of correction you might need

You must take care of your traffic ticket on time - even if you do not get a reminder notice.

Failure to Appear or Pay

If you do not take care of your traffic ticket by the date shown on the reminder notice:

  • You may be assessed a fee of $300
  • The DMV may place a hold on your driver’s license
  • Your driver's license could be suspended
  • Your case may be referred to the court's collection agency: AllianceOne.

If you get a notice telling you that a $300 civil assessment fee has been added, it means you did not take action by the due date and/or you did not pay the fine.

The only way to ask a judge to consider canceling this fee is to fill out and file a
TR-121 Defendant's Request and Declaration to Vacate Form and include supporting documentation.
(For help, click here: TR-122 Defendant's Request to Vacate Instructions)

Written Plea Form - Request For Payment [TR-123]

Formulario de admisión escrita y Solicitud de pagos mensuales [TR-123s]