NOTICE: If you are placing documents on the "File and Serve" platform for the Complex Litigation Department, these documents are "SERVE ONLY".
They are not filed with the Court. You must file through the Odyssey e-filing system.

Department 12 - Judge Charles S. Treat

Clerk: Denese Johnson
Phone: (925) 608-1112
Fax: (925) 608-2686

Effective August 15, 2005, the Court began accepting electronic filings on designated Complex Litigation cases.
The court will designate a service provider for each complex litigation case.

Notice: Effective January 1, 2009, the Court fee to file electronically will be $5.00 per transaction.

Important Links

Civil E-File Portal

California Rules of Court : Electronic Service (2.251)

Initial Case Assignment Order

Sample Good Faith Settlement Order

Sample Bench Trial and Issue Conference Order

Sample Trial and Issue Conference Order

Issue Conference Check List

A Handy Guide to Department 39

Technology in the Courtroom

The Complex Litigation department is a “high tech” courtroom. This equipment is fully integrated to help you present evidence in court. Please read the Evidence Presentation Equipment instructions so that you will know how to use this equipment before trial.