Criminal Audio Rooms

Remote Availability


The Court is now open. You may attend hearings not otherwise closed to the public. Note that the Court obeys all social distancing guidelines and, as a result, space may be limited. For remote public access to hearings, the following rules and procedures apply:

  • YOU MAY NOT RECORD ANY REMOTE HEARING WITHOUT EXPRESS PRIOR PERMISSION. Requests must be made as set forth in Rule 1.150 of the California Rules of Court and within the timeframes provided in that rule.
  • For in-courtroom hearings, audio streaming will only be activated if, in the discretion and evaluation of the judge, the requested space for public attendees will exceed the maximum spaces available in the courtroom given social distancing guidelines.

NOTE: The Audio Player may not work with some versions of Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge. If you are unable to play the audio in either of these browsers, it is recommended to try another browser. For example: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.