The Superior Court of Contra Costa County proudly announces the launch of the new civil case management system Odyssey, including civil e-filing and a new public portal.

Pursuant to Local Rule 2.87 and the Fifth Amended E-Filing Standing Order, the civil division is implementing mandatory electronic filing (e-filing) for attorneys and providing the option of e-filing to self-represented litigants. Attorneys may elect to begin e-filing as of the dates shown below.

The implementation schedule for civil e-filing is as follows:

Type Voluntary Date Mandatory Date
Unlimited Civil June 20th, 2022 July 5th, 2022
Limited Civil June 20th, 2022 July 5th, 2022
Civil Complex June 20th, 2022 July 5th, 2022
Unlawful Detainer June 20th, 2022 July 5th, 2022
Small Claims June 20th, 2022 July 5th, 2022
Family Law June 20th, 2022 July 5th, 2022
Appeals --- July 13th, 2022
Department of Child Support Service (DCSS) ~ August 2022 ~ August 2022

Notice Re: Family Law Filing

If you are filing a document that typically requires a fee but it has not been assessed, please select the correct amount through optional services tab. (Example: A Request for Order is submitted but the first appearance fee has not been paid, instead of selecting the $60 motion option the appropriate selection would be the $435 first appearance option. If you are filing a motion that is modifying custody or visitation, you would choose the $60 motion option plus the additional $25 motion to modify option as well.)If you are submitting a document that requires an envelope, please purchase the amount needed through the optional services tab.